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In the current era, finding and hiring a remote react-native developer is quite tough. Because the market is overflowing with unemployed specialists. Logically, there seems to be a different case. Specialists don’t need to look for a job. If you find such a person, there are two possibilities: One, you are really lucky and he may look to work with you. Second, he/she is not as competent as they show themselves.

You must be confused about finding a Top Coders. In this article, you will get an insight regarding this query. Afterward, you will be able to hire a good fit for your company.

The top MNCs tend to hire the best React developers, leaving almost no chances to the small businesses hiring a skilled developer. Willing employees can easily find good vacancies within minutes. In order to find apt react developers, you have to devote a lot of time and effort. This process is going to be meticulous. Consequently, remember these vital points:

JavaScript is the most popular programming language

Every year, lots of features and extensions are added to JavaScript. Some of the tools are overrated. Besides, tools like React.js, Vue, and Angular have proven their capabilities and continue to get better. There are many ways by which developers make JS famous. For instance, developers showcase their achievements on GitHub and exchange trends on Reddit.

Famous tech giants adore React

Most importantly, major companies like Facebook, PayPal, Yahoo, and eBay utilize React.js, proving it’s worth. As a result, the recruitment process for React developers becomes difficult. Also, its incredible popularity and frameworks are the key.

React is young and growing

Furthermore, software developers love to handle core responsibilities. React.js gives them an opportunity to make improvements in the field, take up new challenges and updates almost every day.

As stated earlier, hiring is tough

Certainly, recruiting good React developers is rigorous and time-consuming. There are some steps to hiring candidates, namely search, recruitment, and interview. Get ready for a roller-coaster ride while hiring a senior React developer. The problem here is, there is no guarantee that he/she will be there for your company under certain circumstances.

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A step-by-step guide to hiring a react-native developer

My tips to get a React developer for your app will be greatly useful to you. Moreover, let’s talk about the people on your way to successful hiring. Just before we know how to hire React.js developers.

The “cool” developers

These are the ones who overestimate their competence and abilities. They come with two possibilities: either he/she will reject you or work for your company for a short period. As expected, they will look for another higher position after completing the period.

The “poor” developers

Now an important aspect comes to my mind. And that is, you should understand the importance of your projects and know what people you need in your company. Discuss with your colleagues, seniors, mentors and most importantly, your boss. Here comes the second problem. It is relatively hard to find senior React developers with adequate experience and competence. As a result, you will find trainees and junior developers, who have pretty less skillset and portfolio.

The “employed” developers

These are the ones who are happy with their company, their salary, and the team they work with. Therefore, distracting such employees with a better paycheck is nearly impossible.

The final wait

Finally, you will meet the expert React.js developers.

The vital “5 steps”

These are the valuable five steps to be taken to find awesome React.js developers:

1. Project analysis

Above all, you have to know the objectives and specifications of your project. Then only you will realize what kind of people you need for your venture.

2. Job description

Create a clear and detailed description of the job profile. Include a short description of your company. Furthermore, define the requirements and responsibilities to be faced by your future developer. Reminder: Don’t forget to include the services and perks that your company will offer.

3. Marketing

The next task is to promote the job offerings to potential employees. This can be achieved by posting them on job portals and social media. Consequently, post your job offers on potential channels and wait for the responses.

4. “Active” search

Obviously, a passive search is not the only option.

Solution: Search in LinkedIn network. There are a lot of employees with good portfolios, whom you can hire.

5. Interview

Finally, interviewing further accelerates your recruiting of the potential developer. We can categorize them into four categories:

  • screening (a brief conversation about your company, the candidate’s experience and soft skills)
  • technical interview (a constructive conversation on technical topics with hard skills check)
  • test task (a small app or website for the candidate to develop within a defined period of time)
  • final interview (to discuss the rest of the questions)
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Consequently, if the candidate has passed all the rounds, congratulations, you have found the right developer. Cost-to-company for a developer will vary. This will depend on the developer’s expertise, skills, and portfolio. Nowadays due to the increasing popularity of the JS, developers are costly to hire. But they boost a huge profit to the company they work for.

Therefore, the biggest reason to hire a react-native developer is to obtain quality and profitable work.

Final word

The hiring process is challenging. Make LinkedIn networks and browse job portals to find competent react-native developers. Furthermore, develop an interviewing system and use your HR skills to the best to hire the best developers.

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