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The most heavily regulated healthcare sector is ready to embrace digital transformation. Unlike other industries where transformation happens relatively smoothly and swiftly, the healthcare sector lags behind a bit. However, this is the right time for healthcare organizations to stay ahead of the competition by bringing automation and transformation in their services.

A report from Xcubelabs has revealed that the digital health market is expected to reach $536 billion by the year 2025. Healthcare mobile apps with user-friendly features and seamless functionality can help health institutes to make the most of technological advancements. Customized mobile healthcare solutions can add value while reducing various costs.

Talking about the importance of digital transformation in the healthcare industry, we can mention that it can put the patient at the center of the healthcare process.

These days, many patients use wearables to get real-time health record, and the mobile healthcare app can connect to wearable for seamless sharing and access to this data.

In recent years, many online healthcare-related startups are established and have gained traction in a short time because of healthcare mobile apps and the increased number of smartphone users. In this pandemic period, customized healthcare mobile apps work wonders to keep people healthy and provide them emergency medical services.

In this article, we are going to discuss the major challenges of the healthcare sector and how mobile apps can eliminate them. These challenges can arise from internal and external sources alike. Let’s discuss a few of the major healthcare sector-related challenges and how custom mobile apps will help organizations overcome them effectively.

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Challenges that Mobile Healthcare Solutions

Data Security

This is one of the biggest challenges of the healthcare sector. Patient information plays a crucial role in diagnosis, but at the same time, it is highly difficult to save this information from hackers. As per a survey, over 50% of all healthcare institutions become victims of at least one cyber-attack, and every one in three such attacks is a success for hackers.

Healthcare mobile apps provide secure storage to patients to save their confidential data. The mobile apps have two-way authentication and other safety features to protect the data. Also, it is necessary for the healthcare organization to have a robust retrieval system that remains resistant to any security threats and attacks.

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Complexity of Processes

At times, mobile healthcare solutions remain difficult to integrate with the existing healthcare systems and remain complicated for users. Such solutions make healthcare processes even more complex while defeating the core purpose of bringing efficiency and improvement. Healthcare management software as simple as possible to overcome this challenge.

It is better to build a healthcare mobile app in line with the existing system of healthcare organizations. There is no need of overhauling the system and the app can be used easily on both ends- patients and healthcare service providers. Finally, the healthcare mobile app should be developed with a view to eliminate complexity from processes.

Patient Engagement

Though many healthcare mobile apps are available these days, only a few of them can engage patients effectively. The healthcare app development company needs to focus on transparency in various processes and doctor/patient interaction. It helps healthcare organizations to engage more users to its app.

Apart from addressing the patient or user’s pain points effectively, the app should provide them the real-time data related to the health and treatment. User-friendly features like 24/7 consulting service and scheduling or cancellation of appointment can engage more patients toward your app.

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Access and Utilization

Ease of access is essential for any healthcare mobile apps. Access and utilization of an app go hand in hand. Simply put, if the healthcare app is difficult to use then doctors and patients tend to avoid it. Patients of different age groups prefer to stay away from apps that are complex and unintuitive.

You can hire healthcare app developers who keep the end users in mind while building an app for your organization. User experience needs extensive research to offer easy access to the healthcare app and increase its utilization. Finally, a seamless integration of medical devices and wearables with the app is imperative to improve the user experience.

Awareness Drive

Unlike other apps of different genres, healthcare or medical apps may fail to appeal to a huge audience. The reasons for this difficulty are the lack of awareness and absence of a reasonable medical understanding. It is, therefore, necessary to increase the health literacy level of the target audience. You can run a health awareness drive to achieve this objective.

Also, the healthcare service providers and mobile app development should build the app in collaboration to bridge the knowledge gap of the target audience. App-based awareness drive is also a good option to promote health literacy.

Privacy Protection

Another big issue is protection of the patient’s privacy. It is quite common that the dedicated healthcare app has the patient’s health-related data. Here, it is quite natural that the patient remains concerned over their information’s privacy.

Therefore, it is important for the healthcare app development company to build a healthcare app that complies with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability), GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and other prevalent rules and guidelines. Such an app can effectively protect the patient’s privacy.

Enhanced patient care is about establishing a real-time interaction with patients through their convenient channels. With a strong mobile presence, the healthcare organization can achieve this objective. Another advantage of healthcare mobile apps is it makes the patient’s data available to healthcare professionals as and when they want in a secure way.

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Concluding Lines

Ease-of-use and higher security are some of the key challenges that the healthcare app development company needs to address. Experienced developers can build advanced healthcare apps using features of emerging technologies to overcome these challenges.

As you focus on improving patient services, healthcare apps can bring automation to various processes and assist you to follow the best practices to achieve your objectives.

At Solution Analysts, an in-house team of experienced app developers has worked on several healthcare app development projects. We know what it takes to overcome the most prevalent challenges of the healthcare sector by using technological advancements.

Do you want to enhance the patient services and manage various processes on the move? Simply drop us a line at We will get back to you soon with an effective healthcare app strategy.

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