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Restaurant apps are the savvy new marketing strategy that enables eateries, restaurants, hotels and other food and beverage service providers an opportunity to gain exposure.

Mobile applications are becoming central to most business’ marketing strategy and the members of the food and beverage industry can vouch for the growth and exposure they have received from being reviewed and written about in popular review websites such as Yelp and Zomato.

In fact, these websites are doing for the dining industry what newspapers and magazines haven’t been able to do before mobile technology came into the market.

Part of the reason mobile applications have gained traction as an integral part of the food and beverage industry marketing plan is the mass access. Even specialty restaurants offering fine dining experience are gaining new customers amongst the growing middle class who aspire for the finer things in life.

Also, it gives many eateries that have gained a poor reputation multiple chances to salvage their image and display a fine front. Furthermore, the reviews are largely added by customers from their personal experience, so the reviews are trusted to be unbiased and user-friendly.

Food ordering mobile app features

Mobile technology is seamlessly integrated into our lives and the most basic chores can be performed through commands given via an app. Food and beverage apps are outdoing one another to give customers more control in placing orders and even choosing what dish they will eat from the menu.

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This eliminates the often frustrating wait for a table and food to arrive. If you want to offer more to your customers, especially an intimate experience, a mobile app will help you provide it. For instance, if a person is planning to propose to his girlfriend, the restaurant’s app can offer suggestions and help him create a setting that will make the moment memorable and special.

For restaurants catering to busy executives and top management, time is always an issue and speed necessity. So, if they can place an order and further pre-set regulars, like the choice off drinks, from their apps, their table will be ready with their meals as they enter the restaurant. This will help them save much time and even minimize interactions with the waiting staff if they are having a business meeting.

Finding and expanding the market

If you are a chef with a passion to cook, then a greater part of your time in the restaurant must be engaged in cooking. If your are responsible for setting the mood of the restaurant and interacting with customers, then you must be free to do that. The other activities, promotions, marketing, inventory and account management are those essential tasks that take time away from our true roles.

These can be digitized by using apps, thus freeing essential time to pursue our real roles. On a busy day, the app will help the staff with crowd management, it can send push notifications to the diners announcing the day’s specials and discounts. The app is that employee who never takes a leave and markets your establishment well.

Mobile application can put your new or remotely located eatery on the map and give it the exposure required to boost business. In the movie Chef, John Favreau’s son sends out Twitter post announcing the arrival of their food truck’s arrival on a new city or town on advance, posting announcements of their specials and the reputation they have earned for their sandwiches on the way through pictures and videos.

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He generated so much hype that there was a long line of foodies waiting outside the truck even before the chef was ready to don his hat!

Integrating, social network, maps, beacons and so much magic!

A perfect mobile application for a restaurant will have the map integrated to mark its geolocation and help customers them get directions and be navigated. It will have a feature to enable customers to make bookings, check how busy the restaurant is and see the menu and list of specials.

The app can send notifications to all customers about special themes and “football night” events. Customers should be able to make payment via the app and even get in-app discounts, cashbacks and reward points. You not only establish a brand name and create brand recall, but also create brand loyalty.

With social network integration, you give customers opportunity to share their experience with their friends and even post pictures and videos. The beacon technology gives the restaurants opportunities to interact firsthand with their customers and give them a more personalized experience. You can deliver welcome notes and special greetings to customers and even send notice on what’s special when they are in the vicinity of the restaurant.

How Solution Analysts delivers business value

Solution Analysts work with clients to help them deliver the competitive edge that is the cause and effect of adoption of mobile technology. Competition is not scarce, and neither is it limited to the geographic bounds of one’s operations. People are willing to drive far for a fine dining experience. Any food lover will have a tale to tell about the lengths they went to for experiencing a new cuisine or favorite.

We can help you capitalize on people’s aspirations and your enthusiasm to show your best through the technological medium of a highly advanced mobile application. We will help in designing a digital restaurant management systems/softwares that will replicate your business’ sensibilities and reflect the ambience of your establishment, giving customers a feel and firsthand virtual experience of what awaits them. We will help you build smarter restaurants to increase customer loyalty and build the customer base.

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Solution Analysts build online food ordering application for

  • Restaurant Chains
  • Takeaway Joints
  • Hotels
  • Food Court
  • Food Truck
  • Bakery & Sweet Shop
  • Bar

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