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A giant step for iPhone. A monumental leap for iPad.

At WWDC’17 Apple has announced it’s most advanced mobile platform update iOS 11.

There are some most amazing iOS 11 features for iOS users as well as many for iOS developers.

iOS 11 for Users

Here are some most exciting iOS 11 features to be released this fall.

Control Centre


Apple has completely redesigned Control Centre in iOS 11, and supporting 3DTouch.
Control center now is modular and highly customisable.

A user can customise and manages Accessibility Shortcuts, Alarm, Apple TV Remote, Calculator, Camera, Do Not Disturb While Driving, Flashlight, Guided Access, Home, Low Power Mode, Magnifier, Notes, Screen recording, Stopwatch, Text Size, Timer, Voice Memos and Wallet directly from control center.

Do Not Disturb

iPhone can now sense when you might be driving and prevent you from being distracted by calls, text messages, and notifications. People trying to reach you can automatically be notified that you’re driving. —Apple Inc.

This is a very important feature for safety and also can be enabled through parental control for children.

QuickType keyboard

Letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks are now all on the same keyboard — no more switching back and forth. Just flick down on a key to quickly select what you need. —Apple Inc. So now no need to switch keyboard for numbers all in one place just press key down and use numbers, symbols, and punctuation.

Also, Apple brought the amazing feature for one-handed use. If you are using iPhone 7+ and find width large to reach both ends, you can enable one-hand feature and keyboard size will be same as 4.0 inch iPhone. Yes it is – Cool, isn’t it?

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Live Photos

Live Photos can now has 3 amazing effects Loop – Turn live photo into video loop, Bounce – It makes live photo rock back and forth and Long Exposure – It captures the element of time and movement and give it beautiful DSLR type effect which looks beautiful and blurry.

These effects making iOS looks cooler than ever before.

New camera filters

Amazing professional photographer filters make iOS camera more powerful than ever before.

Portrait photos and skin tones are perfectly beautify the picture. The more importantly with next generation image compression technology apple making your all new photos to half of the size then earlier.

All new App Store


Apple has completely redesigned Appstore for it’s 10th anniversary. Now it looks more easy to access and modular with Games and Apps tabs separated.

Siri advancements

Now Apple has integrated it’s all new Machine Learning framework with Siri result powering more artificial intelligent Siri in iOS 11.

With language translation and personal DJ and many new features Siri looks very smart with upcoming iOS.

AirPlay 2

With the new AirPlay 2, you can control your home audio system and the speakers throughout your house.6 You can play a song in the living room and your kitchen at the same time. Adjust the volume in any room. Or have your music start instantly on all your speakers — in sync with one another. —Apple Inc.

Amazing experience on iPad

This iOS 11 update comes with never before plenty of amazing updates for iPad.
With these new updates iPad became revolutionary, easy to use and Swift to work with, Apple Pencil make an amazing companion too.

These are some notable updates for iPad :

Super easy Drag and Drop feature: Drag and Drop is one of the most amazing features coming on iPad, with this user can move text, photos and files from one app to another. With multitasking split view it’s pure magic of iOS 11.

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Augmented Reality: Apple introduces ARKit for app developers that bring amazing augmented reality apps for all iOS powered devices. Supported iPhone 6s and later iOS will be biggest AR platform after iOS 11 launch this fall.

New Files App: With that you can organise, search and browse your all files from not only iPad but which are on iOS devices, iCould, Dropbox and box kind of services – all from a single place.

Multitasking : iOS 11 made multitasking more intuitive and easier than ever. Now you can open second app from dock and both apps remain active in SplitView and Slide Over.

New iPad dock: The new dock is foundational change in iPad, now just swipe to open the dock and iOS will customise it according to your recent used apps and apps running on your iOS and Mac devices. It’s amazing with 3DTouch.

There are plenty of small changes in iOS 11 some of them are here:

3DTouch left app switching removed

32-bit apps are no longer supported

Screen recording feature added and more

iOS 11 For Developers

iOS 11 brings all new ARKit and Machine Learning for developers.
On iOS 11 release this fall, iOS will become world’s biggest AR platform overnight.

These are newly added Frameworks in iOS 11:

ARKit: Integrate iOS device camera and motion features to produce augmented reality experiences in your app or game.


Core ML: Integrate machine learning models into your app.

DeviceCheck: Access per-device, per-developer data that your associated server can use in its business logic.

FileProvider: Implement a File Provider extension so that other apps can access the documents and directories stored and managed by your containing app.

FileProviderUI: Add actions to the document browser’s context menu.

Core NFC: Detect NFC tags and read messages that contain NDEF data.

PDFKit: Display and manipulate PDF documents in your applications.

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Vision: Apply high-performance image analysis and computer vision techniques to identify faces, detect features, and classify scenes in images and video.

IdentityLookup: Create an app extension that can identify and filter unwanted SMS and MMS messages while preserving user privacy.

There is 121+ interfaces modified, 10 new Interfaces added in iOS 11. (Apple Doc)

Wireless debugging: This is one of the best Xcode update yet, no need to buy too many bended wires. Connect wirelessly.

Source Control: Xcode 9 having GitHub integrated directly, this makes developer work much easier.
Multiple concurrent simulators : Now with Xcode 9 you can run multiple concurrent simulators at the same time.

Swift 4 support: Xcode 9 supports Swift 3 and 4, one compiler can compile Swift 4 and Swift 3 targets in the same project.

And there are plenty more features available on Apple Doc.


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