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The Judge School of Business at the University of Cambridge estimated software errors cost the global economy almost $300 billion annually. That is why more and more businesses hire QA testing teams to save money, improve quality and reduce software errors. Considering tech talent shortage and high costs, many companies choose to outsource software testing services.

In this article, you will read about QA testing services — who is a QA tester, benefits of hiring quality assurance experts, as well as where to outsource these services.

Who is a QA Tester?

QA tester refers to quality assurance experts with a broad range of responsibilities and roles, including QA engineers, test analysts, test architects, test managers, and QA team leads.

QA Engineer

A QA engineer is the expert who tests software for errors and bugs and ensures that the final product meets quality standards. They closely cooperate with software developers to make sure that all the errors are fixed.

Test Architect

A test architect is a testing expert who develops testing infrastructures and frameworks, has a broad knowledge of all features to optimize the testing process, and looks for useful testing solutions for projects.

Test Analyst

A test analyst is a quality assurance expert who is responsible for project documentation, choosing the software that needs to be tested, and documenting the results of each testing phase to automate the testing process. Test analysts carry out system testing and ensure that the results are presented to the shareholders.

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Test Manager

They are directly responsible for the project’s success. The expert monitors test execution and defines tasks for other team members.

QA Team Lead

A QA team lead is the expert who mostly deals with managerial tasks. Team leads are responsible for hiring new members to the team and conducting interviews. They may be involved in any of the processes other team members do, but usually just monitors the progress and manages the team.

why outsourcing quality assurance

Key Roles in Most QA Teams

QA Testing Services

There are two types of QA testing — manual and automated.

  • Manual testing is run by people, while no software is involved.
  • Automated testing is rather less time-consuming — special software and scripts are used for error search. However, a manual QA tester still needs to be involved to create testing scripts.

In most cases, both types are used to get maximum out of software testing.

Two types of QA testing

Two types of QA testing

Why Outsourcing Quality Assurance?

The belief that QA testers are not important when you have a strong team of developers is rather misleading. QA testing services ensure that the final product meets the client’s preferences as well as quality standards.

Save money on your QA team

Many businesses have already faced a significant tech talent shortage in their own country. However, if you choose to outsource your QA team, you will spend less money, since hiring an offshore team of QA engineers is far cheaper than doing so in your own country.

The longer you wait, the more you will have to pay to fix all the accumulated errors and bugs.

Improve customer satisfaction

If you want your final product to meet the customer’s demands, you have to hire an offshore QA team to run quality assurance reports and improve the product’s quality before the release date.

Meet the deadlines

When teams are rushing to meet the deadlines, they sometimes skip some fundamental stages, resulting in a lower quality product. By outsourcing a software testing team, you will be able to detect the errors before the product’s launch date. An independent QA team will critically test your deliverables to make sure that you meet the client’s requirements with no delays.

Benefits of QA Outsourcing

Benefits of QA Outsourcing

Hire highly-experienced testers in one place

If you choose to hire an independent QA team in one location, you will benefit from exceptional expertise level and shorten time-to-market. Besides, you will also enable smooth communication between your software development team and software testers. Hiring all professionals at one place means that no misunderstandings and delays occur since all members are managed by one QA lead.

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Get access to improvement potential

By outsourcing QA testers, you’ll get a fresh view on your project’s quality. Independent QA testers will assess the product’s potential risks and areas for improvement, as well as work on debugging so that your customer gets timely results.

Enjoy flexibility

The number of QA testers can vary depending on your project scope. You can also choose the cooperation model — testers can either become a part of your in-house team, or work separately. Either way, you receive timely and effective execution of tasks.

Delegate core services to the appropriate tech talent

A team of QA experts will work on testing your software, while software developers will deal with their specific tasks and responsibilities. By delegating tasks to quality assurance experts rather than the development team, you will get the maximum benefit and save time. The right people will do the job.

Ensure implementation of software development life cycle stages

QA testing is one of the critical software development life cycle stages. To build software applications efficiently, a company needs to ensure that analysis, design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance are implemented in its processes. If organizations stick to this plan, they will manage to cut costs and shorten production time.

Top QA Outsourcing Companies


InApps is a software outsourcing company with more than 5 years of experience on the market. It provides businesses with tech teams and quality assurance services according to their needs. Whether you want a single QA engineer or an entire team of software testers, InApps will satisfy your needs. By choosing one of our QA packages, you will be sure that your project will be thoroughly tested and debugged.

Performance Lab

Performance Lab is a provider of premier load and performance testing services for enterprises in all industries (source). The company is located in the United States, and has more than 10 years of experience in software testing.



Itransition is the company that offers fully customized testing service at the program or enterprise level. Founded in 1988, Itransition helps businesses to manage the lifecycle of software. It provides test automation and quality control outsourcing.


Orient is a software outsourcing company that provides custom application development and testing service to clients. It offers a faster and more efficient QA solution to fulfill your software assurance needs.

QA Outsourcing Cooperation Models 

A dedicated team of software testing experts

A dedicated team cooperation model is suitable for you if you are looking to hire a team of software testers that will be integrated with your in-house team. Companies choose this model in case they have a fully operational software development team, but need to outsource QA services for their project’s success.

Staff augmentation

In case you have faced a lack of highly-experienced professionals, and you want to extend your team, an outsourcing company can provide you with tech experts that you manage directly. This model will work for you in case you do not need an entire team, just a few members.

Source: InApps.net

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