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A Complete Guide on Hiring .Net Software Developers is an article under the topic Outsourcing Many of you are most interested in today !! Today, let’s InApps.net learn A Complete Guide on Hiring .Net Software Developers in today’s post !

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The world is becoming more and more digitally oriented, which constitutes a higher demand for quality developers who work on this digitalization. Unfortunately, there is a definite lack of real tech talent, so finding the needed software engineers for any tech project becomes a real challenge today.

This article will give you valuable insights on finding and hiring the most talented .Net developers on the market today, as well as tips on how to evaluate their skills and manage them better. So, let’s start by reviewing what you should know about .Net technology before looking for engineers.

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What Is .Net Technology?

It is crucial for the person responsible for hiring a .Net developer to fully understand what .Net is. It’s an open-source software development framework that was developed and is now maintained by Microsoft. The main function of .Net is to provide developers with a controlled environment to install and execute mainly, although not limited to, Windows-based software. For example, with the help of .Net Core, it can also support Java-based software, as well as more than 60 programming languages, such as С#, F#, PowerShell, Visual Basic .Net, etc., which allows a knowledgeable developer to write code in two or more languages simultaneously.

So, speaking broadly, .Net is a framework with which you can create a wide range of desktop, web, and mobile applications for even highly complex business purposes.

Skills You Need to Look For in .Net Developers

Here is a general checklist of the .Net framework’s features and particularities you need to keep in mind when hiring a .Net developer:

  1. As has been already mentioned, .Net supports a multitude of different programming languages. A decent .Net developer should be not only familiar but quite proficient with several frameworks and libraries, such as MVC, Entity Framework, or ASP.NET Web API. These are the most often used in building commercial apps.
  2. .Net is exceptionally vast, so it should not necessarily be a disadvantage if a developer is not familiar with one of the frameworks on your job description. Even if an applicant is currently unenlightened, the vast number of .Net frameworks have many functional and structural features in common, and migrating from one framework to another would not become an issue for a knowledgeable developer, as the basics of any of them are similar.
  3. If you are looking for a senior-level developer, take more specific notice of the applicant’s commercial experience. A junior-level developer would most likely be unable to provide much value to your enterprise coding simply because of inexperience. Junior specialists are more helpful to help in basic tasks and grow by their senior teammates.

Here is a list of frameworks that a worthwhile candidate for the front-end .Net developer position should be familiar with:

  • Angular JS
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Bootstrap.

If you are in a search for a back-end developer, pay attention to whether the applicant knows:

  • .NET Web API
  • .NET MVC
  • Signal R

Generally, a worthwhile applicant for the position of .Net developer should have extensive expertise in the following:

  • .NET programming concepts
  • Object-oriented programming concepts
  • Windows controls
  • Windows workflow foundation

Where to Look For .Net Developers

Understanding where developers spend their time online and offline, connect and communicate with each other can help broaden your overall understanding of the hiring capabilities.

If you are looking to hire an in-house developer, of course, you can post your job description on LinkedIn or local job boards and look for suitable developers’ CVs there. However, you should understand that exceptional .Net developers are usually not seeking a job actively. They are working on interesting projects in great companies. To interest them in your offer, you should reach them with different channels. We suggest looking for good .Net Developers on the following sites:

  • GitHub is the largest developers’ community globally, with many skilled .Net developers who share their experiences there.
  • Stack Overflow, which is also a large developers’ community.
  • Reddit, where you can find communities with specific topics, including programming and .Net development.
  • Forums and groups on social media are also a good place to look for, especially if you can find a group of specific technologies you need, like .Net.
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If you need to hire a freelancer, you can look for them on platforms like Upwork. There is a great number of freelance applicants that are actively searching for a job. However, we’d like to emphasize that freelances are not a good choice for core development, as they usually are not deeply interested in the project. They are more helpful as additional power for your core team.

Also, if you need a dedicated developer to work on your project with your in-house team and want this specialist to be focused on your tasks, you should consider hiring a contractor. With YouTeam, you can get a needed experienced .Net developer within two weeks.

Browse 500+ Dev Teams Available for Hire

If you want to outsource your development, you can hire a dedicated team from outsourcing agencies worldwide. Just consider which location would be more suitable for you and find a reliable software development company there.

If you struggling to hire quality software engineers, download our guide to overcoming the developer shortage in 2022.

Tips on Hiring .Net Developers

Be specific in your job description

Be straightforward in what you look for and list important requirements in your job offering. That will ease the search process for both you and the developers. To cover all the necessary points, you should consider the following.

  • Give a brief description of the job role and responsibilities the developer should be able to take upon;
  • List all the required programming languages, experiences, methodologies, etc. that would be necessary for the job;
  • Mention the industry and some details of the project, so you’ll more likely get applicants that previously had a similar experience.

Provide tech interviews

Ideally, it would help if you had a CTO or a senior developer to evaluate candidates’ tech skills. You can also use online coding test tools (Codility, HackerRank) to help you in the process.

Evaluate soft skills

It’s extremely important to hire people who are comfortable to work with. Check each candidate’s communication skills and consider if this person is a suitable match for your development team. You can find a list of interview questions that can help discover if a developer is a reliable and responsible employee.

Cost of Hiring .Net Developers

The cost of hiring a developer always depends on different aspects: are you looking for an in-house engineer, or want to hire a contractor, or need a freelance .Net developer; are you considering the developers from the US only, or are you open to offshore. The developer’s location, experience, and skills influence the price you’ll have to pay.

In the table below, you can see the comparison of the average cost of hiring an in-house US .Net developer vs. hiring a contractor with YouTeam vs. hiring a freelancer on Upwork. To understand the final cost of hiring, we have added information about extra expenses and hiring costs.

In-house hiring in the USStaff augmentation via YouTeamA freelance developer on Upwork
Average monthly payment to .Net Developer$7,410$7,380$7,200
Extra costs for the companyTaxes, bonuses, non-financial benefits, office rent, and supportYouTeam commissionUpwork commission
Hiring costsHR costs, job promotional adsYouTeam does candidates’ sourcing, vetting, and assists with interviews Managers’ time for candidate sourcing, screening, and interviewing

Sources: Glassdoor, YouTeam, Upwork

Wrapping Up

When it comes to recruiting .Net developers, there are two main things – knowledge and communication. As a person responsible for the actual hiring, you should know whom you are looking for and where to look. After reading the article, the hiring process should become more structured for you, and you understand where to start and how to succeed in finding the right .Net developer for your project.

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