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The mobile app has reached almost aspect of human life, from ordering food and transferring money to how people stay connected.

The importance of mobile apps grew even more dramatically after the pandemic when the world witnessed a higher screen time.

Sensing the potential of the mobile app, many enterprises adopt it to enhance the brand’s visibility to its target audiences.

However, when developing a mobile app, business owners are often given two options 1) using an app builder to create a mobile app themselves and 2) hiring a mobile app development team to take charge of the project.

This has resulted in one the most commonly asked questions “Between app builder and mobile app development company, which option is more cost-effective?”

It’s tough to find out the answer immediately, therefore, this article will make it easier for you by providing a comprehensive comparison between employing an app builder and outsourcing a mobile app development company. The post also includes a list of top app builders and mobile app development firms for your reference.

What is app builder?

An app builder is an online platform that enables users or businesses without coding knowledge to easily create and publish a mobile app. 

Generally, an app builder will include the features such as tutorials, pre-built templates, or drag-and-drop functionalities. Therefore, with a user-friendly interface, this platform has simplified the app-making process for beginners with little or no coding experience. 

An app builder can include some of the following features:

  • Push notification and in-app messaging
  • Loyalty programs
  • Integration with website data; such as the ability to grab posts and pages from WordPress websites
  • Online shopping capabilities
  • Built-in Content Manage System to create articles and content right in the app and manage the content once the app is distributed on the app stores
  • Contact forms
  • Analytics
  • Membership functionality
  • Videos, audio, and multimedia features – pull videos right from services such as YouTube and Vimeo
  • Extensive menu and user interface and design options
  • Integration with web-based data sources
  • Mapping and location finders
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The pros of app builder 

No need for coding skills: 

One of the biggest strengths of using app builder is that the platform is made for everyone to use. Instead of using programming, the WYSIWYG approach is most commonly used.

In other words, users can preview the changes in real-time whenever they add or modify a new piece of content or component. 

Low cost 

Since you don’t have to hire any developer to build the app, the app-building process will be lower. This type of app builder platform, therefore, becomes suitable for projects that have tight budgets such as startups or entrepreneurs.

Shorter time required

Using an app builder means you don’t need to build a web from the scratch. Thus, the time to create a whole new app is facilitated. 

Ready-made architecture

You will not have to think about element placement since app builders almost always provide a ready-made structure with examples, you just have to fill everything in. Depending on their experience, users can start from scratch or utilize ready-made templates for specific niches or app types.

The cons of app builder

However, every coin has two sides, as cheap and easy to use as an app builder platform is also a disadvantage of a platform like this. 

User experience: 

Using an app builder to develop your mobile app can affect the user experience. Most app users would expect to have a seamless experience from both UI and UX.

However, the interface and usability of your app are inconsistent with the platform they’re on. Commonly, it’s very difficult for a web app to come close to that, particularly across multiple platforms.

Access to Limited Features

With app builder, users are equipped with a vast of predetermined features for users to select from and drag-and-drop the features that they find suitable.

But from a different perspective, any library of pre-set features is, by nature, limited. The template and preset designs and features come as a barrier for users if they wish their app stands out from a flourishing app market. 

Low stability level: 

Since web browsers regularly need changes and customization, small bugs, therefore, they are more likely to get bugs. The app stability will be downgraded because of this and the web apps also require regular maintenance and periodic updates.

Top 5 mobile app builders that businesses should know

1. Shoutem 

Price: $59 $99 $189


  • Drag-and-drop app builder
  • App analytics
  • Support iOS and Android
  • Live testing and preview
  • Social media integrations
  • In-app payments and Ads
  • Push notifications
  • Import and export content

2. AppMachine

  • Password protection
  • Custom Domains
  • Components
  • Column Types
  • Webservice – Show data
  • Webservice Edits
  • Custom Actions
  • User-specific data
  • Protected columns
  • E-commerce
  • Workflow

3. Appypie 

Prices: $16 – $36 – $60

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  • Support iOS and Android
  • Unlimited bandwidth & hosting
  • App editing
  • Push notifications
  • Testing and previewing
  • App analytics
  • Earn money through advertising
  • Customer support
  • First time app submission support

4. Andromo

Prices: $21 – $36


  • Free photostock access
  • Native ads
  • Paid access to content
  • Custom packageName
  • AdMob + Facebook bidding,, Applovin
  • Build apps for Android and iOS

5. Goodbarber

Prices: $25 – $35 – $200


  • CMS
  • eCommerce
  • Modular design
  • Native apps
  • Push notifications
  • Login
  • Analytics & Ads
  • Back office
  • Real human support

The benefits of outsourcing company mobile app for mobile app development

Outsourcing Provides On-going Support

If you outsource a mobile app development company for your project, you can expect constant support from the team from the beginning to the end of the project.

The company will be in charge of everything such as planning strategy, conceptualizing your app, then coming to develop and test the app. What’s more, after launching the app, you can still count on the team to help you update the app, cloud hosting, security, and analytics.

Access to experts

If you’re seeking expert developers who can develop an excellent app exclusive to your business, an outsourcing company is an option that you would love to take a look at.

These companies own a team of experts who stay ahead of the latest tech trends, and tools and own the best app development practices, thus, can help you accomplish the project on time.

In case your budget is constrained, building an in-house development team might be a huge challenge. But you can still have a skillful team with outsourcing.

By choosing the right service provider, the talented team can help you build an extraordinary application regardless of the industry that you’re in. 

Access to Latest Tools and Technologies 

Companies that are specialized in mobile app development will equip themselves with the latest tools and technologies. You can have peace of mind because the company will hand you an expert team with the most up-to-date technology. 

The perks of having an outsourcing team are that an in-depth understanding of tools and high-performing human resources can ensure optimal and high-quality output for your mobile app. 

Better Flexibility 

A common problem businesses face is running out of available developers on schedule or a large workforce of developers that you no longer sustain due to economic shifts. If you run a small company, you know how valuable flexibility is.

Flexibility in terms of staffing and schedule spares the trouble of hiring and firing as per the project needs. Thus, outsourcing will provide you better flexibility to adjust the developers’ plan to do the job and change the outsourcing resources depending on your project needs. 

As the economy and your needs tend to vary, you should consider flexible engagement models tailored according to your schedule and your actual needs.

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With outsourcing, you can expect flexibility to weather lean times and hire developers by considering your regular or occasional application development needs. 

Better risks management

Another two points to take into consideration are cost and risk factors. When you hire a company to outsource app development, it will help evaluate and minimize all possible risks as well as takes responsibility for your app performance once the app is published.

A company that doesn’t work with app development on a regular basis doesn’t have enough expertise to foresee all the pitfalls of the process.

Cons of outsourcing mobile app maker

Risk of poor communication

When having an in-house team build the mobile app, the manager can expect to physically walk up to check the status of the mobile app. They can make real-time comments and make timely adjustments.

However, when coming to outsourcing another team to the work, the communication will inevitably become slower and happen at a more fragmented pace.

Tip for one who’s gonna make a partnership with an outsource mobile app company is to make the communication method clear before starting the project.

You can request the mobile app development companies to update the status at every stage of the process and utilize project management tools such as Trello, and Basecamp to make the timeline and feedback cycle updated and clear.  

Time zone differences

Another disadvantage of hiring an offshore mobile app company to build your mobile app is the different time zone. In other words, the two sides need to find an effective communication method to ensure the project will run smoothly.

It is important to ensure there are measures to minimize the chance of having a time delay. It’s ideal to have an offshore development team that agrees to work within the client’s time zone.

Top 5 mobile app development company 


Location: USA


  • Mobile application testing
  • Native mobile app development
  • Cross platform mobile app development
  • AR/VR/AI/IOT mobile app development


Location: USA, Australia, India


  • Native mobile app development
  • Cross platform mobile app development

InApps Technology

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– Web App Development: Responsive and Performance
– Offshore Development Center: Build the High-Quality Dev Team saving 60% your cost)
– Custom software development: Custom your own brand and business model
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Our Technology Stacks
– Flutter, React Native, Swift, Android, NodeJS, PHP, .Net, Python, Electron

About InApps:

InApps Technology is a leading App Development Outsourcing Company in Vietnam. We own an expert app developer team with accumulated experience of over 7 years in iOS and Android applications that accomplished hundred of successful mobile projects. 

A job well done, thoughtfully and efficiently—that’s our hidden advantage.

Our process: 

Through consultations, our team gains further insight into customer requirements and proposes them with the best technical approach.

We take the requirements as the utmost essential guideline throughout development cycles.

We constantly involve our customers in the process for a better review, tracking, and refining of the software. The process is transparent, and changes can quickly be incorporated into the backlog.

More importantly, we commit that our outsourcing software development service will give your the best mobile app without an extra fee.

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