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Be it a Black Friday or a Cyber Monday- Worldwide people prefer mobile devices for shopping. A survey has revealed that over 67 percent of people tend to purchase using their mobile phones. In such a scenario, it is advantageous for the online retailers to come up with a customized eCommerce app and stay ahead of the competitors who still sit on the fence.

Apart from attracting more people toward your business, the eCommerce mobile app development enables you to increase the flexibility while offering a solid marketing channel in the form of a feature-rich app. You can also enhance the brand awareness and gather the user’s data to boost your business further with the eCommerce mobile application.

ECommerce Mobile App Development Cost

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Though eCommerce app offers many business benefits many online retailers remain hesitated for bringing an app. One of the biggest reasons for their reluctance is they have no idea of how much does it cost to have an eCommerce app for their business. Though an app development company can give the exact quote, here we describe the major cost-determining factors.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Your E-Commerce App

We can identify three major deciding factors for your eCommerce app:

You have three platforms for developing an eCommerce app: Android, iOS, and cross-platform. Depending on the target audience, you need to decide on the platform for your app. Due to more intense testing and variation of devices, the Android app development costs slightly higher than that for the iOS app development.

Features decide the complexity of your app. App with basic features costs less as compared to the same with complex and interrelated features. Also, more feature integration is directly proportional to the development duration. The longer the duration of development, the higher will be the development cost of your app.

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Hourly rates are varied across the world. For example, the US and Canada-based app developers take $160 and above an hour, whereas if you hire mobile app developer from India, you need to pay just between $25 to $30 an hour. In a way, you can get a reasonable hourly rate from Indian app developers.

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Cost of Tailored E-Commerce Mobile App

Now, let us estimate the cost of your native eCommerce mobile app. Basically, the eCommerce mobile app development process consists of three aspects:

It is the first and foremost aspect. After discussing the concept, the mobile app developers start building a wireframe as per your app’s needs. A wireframe is an architecture that shows the layout along with physical makeup and the arrangement of pages. Wireframes cost you around $500 to $1500 as per the number of pages.

It covers screen design, icon design, etc. The appealing UI and excellent UX are the obvious outcomes of the app design. It is necessary to focus on the fine details to make every design element working seamlessly. For example, the Android eCommerce app design should be in line with the Play Store guidelines. The app design costs you between $2000 to $25000.

When you hire mobile app developers for your eCommerce app, the team consists of a couple of developers, a project manager, and a QA expert. But, if your app is more complex, you need an extended team of developers. The app development cost remains between $1000 to $100000 based on the number of developers and the duration of the project.

Your app must pass through a rigorous testing to find any bug or defect. The testing or the quality assurance process is conducted on the basis of the selected platform and features. Testing is a key aspect of any app development process and it costs you over $15000. After testing, your bespoke eCommerce app gets ready to deploy on the app stores.

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The hybrid or cross-platform apps cost less than native apps. However, if you want to get a high
User retention rate, it is better to come up with a native app. In the case of budgetary constraints, you can bring an app with basic features. You can add the other necessary features in the subsequent versions of your app.

Concluding Lines

Considering all the aspects, if we take a median hourly rate at $25 an hour, your eCommerce mobile app can cost you around $20000 to $25000. However, if you want to add some additional features, the development cost can increase significantly. In other words, it’s about complexity, versatility, type, platform, and features that decide the cost.

Also, you should keep some provision for additional expenses like app promotion cost, legal costs, app store charges, maintenance cost and the like. Remember, app maintenance and support cost is not included in the development cost. It is better to discuss it before assigning your eCommerce app project to the mobile application development company.

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