Actually, it’s not that hard.  Every human who is working for some corporation needs some facilities and rendering all the services to the developers solves everything.

One Happy developer is equaled to the two unhappy developers. A happy person works fast compared to the person who is not happy. There was a theme that revolves around lately, that a happy developer is a productive developer. And this is very true because when a person is happy, they will do every task with such enthusiasm, joy, and efficiency. Therefore, which brings out the best results ever.

In this tech world, developers are always stressed and burdened with various projects on their shoulder. Therefore, We at Codersera looked very closely in this matter and try to minimize the problems that one face.

I have been working with Codersera (a platform for remote developers) lately and they are following strategies and tips to keep their developers happy.

Prolific space

In this tech sector, we all know how demanding our work can be. However, developers working all day and night for their projects. Therefore, providing them the latitude to breathe is all they want. I am also a developer and I know how hectic this work and you have to work tirelessly. So, this is the main thing that should be given to every developer. Basically, space is something which everyone needs.

Software developers are educated people from the elite top-class institute who work tirelessly on solving intense problems. And giving them latitude will do wonders to the company and the projects as well. A happy person who is getting his or her space can do work with so much passion. And he would motivate other people to do the work more productively.

Encouraging the developers by giving them liberty into the business management, so that they get a very close view of the project. And this makes them feel wanted in the organization. By doing this, developers will be motivated and they will get a clear picture that why are they working into this. This process has proven very good and brought better results when some companies tried it.

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Meetings for remote developers

When developers are working from different time zones and different locations, arranging them for a group meeting is somewhat easy. But to include them in the meeting and taking suggestions from one to one is a bit difficult. And it is very essential to make every developer happy, motivated and engaged. These meetings are organized to take review time to time and giving them techniques to tackle the problems of the client on their own. This can happen when we hire a special person who will handle and make sure everyone speaks and give his or her view about the topic.

At Codersera, we believe that mastering the skill of taking the project is very important. Therefore, it is our responsibility to make it happen.

There are many companies who have a special committee to make sure the developers are happy and engaged. The various platforms like Shopify, Clickfunnels, Mailchimp. MailChimp has a basic rule that everyone should be dialed into the call and are able to see each other life. This will help everyone to see each other, listen to each other and a sense of being included is there. This avoids the problem of miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Maintaining a code of conduct

Code of conduct not necessarily mean by following rules, regulations and moral values to maintain the dignity of the workplace. Here the code of conduct means that people working under the same roof would share the same beliefs, assumptions related to the workplace. Team spirit is equally important. Working under the same roof not necessarily mean about a physical workspace. Here it means that working in the same space through different locations and time zones.

If there is a set of information that has to be circulated in the working people, so there should be a platform like Slack for the circulation. Slack is officially used by many developers who are working in the tech sector. There should be a proper appointment of an employee who would convey all the information to the employees through this tool. And if anybody has any issue they can ask whatever they want. And that person should be given the responsibility that there should not create any chaos between the employees.

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Happy developers requisites happy Leaders

Let’s take it from very ground level if the child is happy, mothers will be happy and if mothers are happy then the child will automatically be happy. It works both ways likewise happy developers need happy leaders. If leaders remain happy with their work then they will make sure that their employees and developers should be happy. Apart from handling the efficient development team, the leaders and higher professionals should remain happy and they are responsible for the peace, happiness, and growth of their respective teams.

The job of developers not only limited to increasing the business and profit motive. Their happiness matters the most in the long run.

It takes so much time to find the right kind of people for your dream project. And it will take a hell lot of time to filter all those applications.


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