How to make the right decision of choosing a Vietnam Offshore Service Provider?

Nowadays, in the software industry including offshore service and outsourcing service, there are hundreds of Offshore Service in Vietnam, which are familiar to software development and always be ready to develop any project for your business. The chosen is wide. Just pick one but who? Who can make you a happy client? Who can be a part of your business and can go along with you for a long time after?

Is it right to hire an offshore service in Vietnam instead of hiring a local employee?

In my opinion, the process to execute offshore service is similar to a local employee. You broadcast your demand in social channels, you read the profile or curriculum vitae or portfolio, you contact them and choose the most suitable candidate for employment. No difference at a glance. The only contrary thing is you choose a running business, not a particular staff. Therefore, the standard should be higher and what you expect should be at the business level, not staff level.

However, the cost of a software development team in Vietnam is just equal to a senior developer in US or Australia. Even though the cost is low, it doesn’t mean the quality is not good enough. Development teams in Vietnam always being lead by an excellent senior developer, who have more than 10-year experience and well trained by top universities. Therefore, it’s completely a good idea to consider a Vietnam Offshore Service Provider

How to define a good offshore service provider?

There are two kinds of offshore service in Vietnam related to software development center, they are offshore software development team and offshore software development company. Base on what you need for your business or the project’s value, we can make a choice.  If your project requires many modules, you should choose a big and professional offshore company. Else, what you need is just a small team.  Whether what kind of offshore service in Vietnam is, here are what must have in a good offshore service provider, especially when you are in progress to choose a team:

  • Communicate by English or your local language.
  • Prove their capability by well-organize portfolio.
  • Complete their commitment in delivery and communication plan.
  • Be available to check by some pilot projects (test projects), in which you can set some hard deadline that requires the team to spend some extra working hours to finish.
  • Have active attitude to bring you the best result.
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Is there a list of top 5 Offshore services in Vietnam – ITO companies?

There are many lists that you can check by searching information on Google, but I suggest here the list provided by VNITO 2015 Award as below – Full list of winners:

Top 10 ITO Outsourcing Enterprises:

1. FTP Software
2. TMA Solutions
3. Harvey Nash Vietnam
4. Global Cybersoft Vietnam
5. KMS Technologies Vietnam
6. LogiGear Vietnam
7. Phu Si Computer Network ( FUJINET)
8. Sunrise Software Solutions
9. IVC/ISB Vietnam
10. DEK Technologies Viet Nam

Leading IT Outsourcing Enterprises

1. Infonam
2. IMT Solutions
3. Seta International Asia
4. Larion Computing
5. Vinasource
6. LUXOFT Viet Nam
7. TRV-Enclave
8. Dong Tien Services (DTSC)
9. Hanel Software Solutions
10. Rikkeisoft
11. QSoft Viet Nam
12. Tinhvan Outsourcing
13. V-Next Software
14. V.B.P.O JSC

Emerging IT Outsourcing Enterprises

1. WINMAIN Software Solutions
2. Can Tho University Software Centre (CUSC)
3. TiTan Technology
5. Success Software Services
6. Augen Viet Nam
7. Green Global IT Solutions Consulting
8. Savvycom JSC
9. Kyanon Digital

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