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Advancing technology has brought disruption in many industry sectors and the real estate sector is no exception. The advent of technology has brought radical changes in the way real estate developers, customers, and brokers operate. Be it a commercial property, residential property, or industrial property- the real estate app development has made the expansion of technological advancements possible to every type of property.

What’s more, the thriving real estate sector keeps on generating the property data, which not only provides information to every stakeholder but also creates value for realtors. Also, the number of connected devices that generate data from different sources has also increased over the period, and the real estate app for Android or iOS enables real estate developers to make the most of this data.

Thanks to the customized real estate apps, realtors can get actionable insights and predictive analytics. It is easy to monitor investments and property-related deals through apps, and the real estate business owners can focus on core activities including operations, lease, and rental management.

Traditionally, a selected number of people manages huge chunks of information related to properties and customers. However, dedicated mobile apps for real estate can reduce dependence on these few people significantly.

Challenges of Real Estate Industry and Mobile Apps

Mobile app development integration in the real estate industry has many challenges. The real estate app development company strives to address these challenges to make the most from enterprise-grade app solutions.

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Here are the major challenges of the real estate sector while developing a customized app.

Budget-related Issues

This is one of the biggest challenges real estate companies face while transitioning their business processes from traditional to technologically advanced operations. Whether you want to build a real estate app for Android or iOS, you need to spend a small fortune for make the app advanced and user-friendly. Small realtors find it difficult to build a customized app due to budgetary constraints.

Security-related Concerns

Real estate companies possess sensitive data including the banking and financial information of the tenants, vendors, and employees. Real estate companies have to secure this data by preventing any unauthorized access to tenant and vendor systems. Privacy-related concerns loom large especially in apps for small to midsize real estate companies in which some loopholes are present.

Reach to Target Audience

This is also a major hurdle for real estate mobile app development. Every real estate firm has to identify the target audience before developing an app. In recent times, millennials have emerged as homebuyers and tenants. This trend compels real estate marketing executives to replan their strategies of marketing and building apps.

What’s more, real estate apps need virtual tours and HD videos these days. This paradigm shift from traditional photos and in-person visits to videos and virtual tours is challenging but it is necessary to attract the target audience.

How Real Estate Mobile App provides Solutions to Challenges

Real estate app development aims to mitigate the challenges of the sector. For example, it is possible to address the budget-related challenge can be addressed effectively by opting for cross-platform app development. It is a cost-effective technique as compared to native app development because it enables realtors to develop an app for both Android and iOS platforms at the cost of a single platform.

It is easy to integrate advanced features based on VR and AR technologies to offer 360-degree virtual tours and HD images to the customers. Real estate mobile apps can attract millennials and other classes by providing them an immersive experience.

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The real estate development company can take care of the app’s security and integrate two-way authentication and other security techniques to safeguard the confidential data.


Here is the list of some of the top opportunities and services offered by real estate mobile apps-

Property Management

One of the biggest benefits of the real estate mobile apps is they enable real estate companies and property owners to monitor and manage their commercial or residential assets. The app shows them interested buyers along with their quotes so that they can choose the right buyer for their properties.

Online Property Search

On-demand real estate app development company can build a real estate searches app. It enables app users to find their favorite property online. Real estate companies can efficiently manage properties while facilitating app users to search and select online using different filters and parameters.

Cloud-based Operations

Cloud technology enables companies to store data in a secure way. Real estate agents can keep track of customers, contracts, disclosures, and the like. Simply put, cloud-based apps enable real estate firms to store, share, and access data anywhere, and across any device.

CRM Integration

Real estate app development integrates CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software in the customized app for enabling the real estate firms to offer personalized and improved customer services.

Property Valuation and Appraisal

Customized real estate app solutions are designed to manage the valuation of properties while implementing a property listing aggregation. Users can see the valuation of properties and get an idea about the possibility of an increase in valuation in the future using an app.

Enhanced Collaboration

The real estate apps can enhance collaboration among stakeholders and enable your firm to track activities done on multiple project sites. You can get the details of construction processes anytime on the move with the help of a dedicated mobile app for the real estate sector.

After going through the benefits of real estate apps for your business, let’s make a list of must-have app features-

Social Media Integration

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn help any business grow by connecting existing and potential customers. When social media integration is present in the app, you can easily reach a huge audience and enable your potential or existing customers to share their feedback and suggestions. What’s more, you can easily overcome the boundaries by integrating social media in the app.

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Advanced Search

If your firm has no dedicated real estate searches app, you need to integrate the advanced search feature in the app with various filters to make property searching easier and user-friendly. Your app users can easily find the property based on selected parameters including location, recent listing, and pricing, and nearby areas.

Map Integration

It is beneficial to integrate maps into your real estate app because it can give your users an immersive experience while offering related information about the infrastructure. Users can also get information about nearby places like schools and hospitals.

Call or Direct Message

It enables brokers and customers to connect in real-time. It also makes the process of buying or selling faster. Users can make informed decisions after calling or sending messages to realtors. Online chat, booking consultant, online site visit booking, and IM (Instant Message) are some of the useful options for establishing instant communication.

Other important app features include Favorites, Image Gallery, and Review section to attract more customers toward your real estate app.

Concluding Lines

Technology evolves to bring revolutionary changes in the real estate sector. A real estate app development company can enable you to come up with an advanced and user-friendly app that has all the necessary features based on technological advancements.

The app enables you to manage various operations across different functional areas including franchising, research, mortgage, facility management, etc.

Solution Analysts is a leading mobile app development company known for developing feature-rich real estate apps for Android and iOS. If you want to boost your real estate business or wish to establish a realty startup, simply send us an email with your business requirements at Our expert consultants will get back to you soon with a detailed strategy.

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