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How to Mobile Apps Enhance Dgital Transformation initiatives of your business?

How to Mobile Apps Enhance Dgital Transformation initiatives of your business?

Digital Transformation is a big buzzword and more organizations have understood its importance and they are paying more attention towards devising their digital transformation strategies to edge ahead of their competitors.

If you look around, you may find a plethora of information about frameworks, tools, roadmaps, and solutions that can help an organization transform its business processes and workflows digitally. An able leadership must understand the role of specific technologies, before embarking on their digital transformation journey. You must choose a technology that has to accelerate the pace of your organization’s digital transformation.

One such technology is a mobile application that can drive your organization on the digital pathway. In this article, we will understand the term Digital Transformation, its numerous benefits, and how mobile apps can help you achieve it and deliver an exceptional experience to customers and employees.

First of all, let’s understand what exactly Digital Transformation is.

What is digital transformation?

Actually, there is no specific or authoritative definition of a digital transformation. It is a profound collection of technologies and tools that enable a seamless movement of analog processes to the digital medium.

Digital transformation not only revolutionizes your business but also delivers several business benefits. It also assists organizations to retain their existing customers by offering prudent services while creating innovative avenues to increase revenue. Here the most important aspect is that such benefits can be achieved at an economical cost, which makes digital transformation a valuable proposition for any organization.

However, there is a perception that increasing the use of technology can improve the organizational workflows and enhance the experiences of all stakeholders, but that cannot be considered as a Digital Transformation. Digital transformation occurs beyond innovation and technology usage. It is more of broad cultural change that enables enterprises to embrace an innovative culture to learn from failures and challenge the status quo.

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Digital Transformation not only integrates different areas of your business but also changes how you deliver values to your customers. It enables companies to develop innovative business models, gain a competitive edge, and reinvent their leadership strategies.

Benefits of digital transformation

Digital Transformation can help your organization to gain the following benefits:

  • It enhances business workflows by automating common manual tasks.
  • It improves the customer experience and retention.
  • The Integrated software components can develop an omnichannel experience that enables customers to access services conveniently.
  • Digital transformation tools monitor and collect the data in real-time, help leaders to observe patterns and make data-driven decisions.
  • It brings a greater degree of agility and flexibility in business processes and employees.
  • It enables an organization to address the ever-evolving customer needs.
  • It helps an organization to improve data security. These days customers are more concerned about data security issues, and this is the best strategy to win their loyalty and trust.
  • It helps an organization to put more focus on core functions that enhance the overall productivity and revenues.

Mobile application and their role in digital transformation

We have seen many disruptive technologies in the last couple of decades that have changed the technology landscape and transformed the way how businesses can operate.

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Today people may marvel at how organizations were running their business without emails, personal computers, and the internet. We just can’t think about a world without a website, mobile apps, and social media.

Of all the technologies that have been launched in recent years, mobile technology is certainly among the most disruptive ones. Mobile phones and other handheld gadgets have provided us the freedom to interact with others from any location. Mobile apps allow organizations to reach wider audiences, and they provide you with innovative methods to deliver your marketing campaigns. Mobile apps enhance organizational productivity, improve sales, collaborate with all stakeholders remotely, and notified of any changes in policies and strategies.

Here are some interesting statistics, that prove how mobile applications can influence your digital transformation strategy:

  • 57% of the digital media usage and traffic comes in through apps.
  • An average mobile phone user installs over 80 applications and out of which they frequently use 40 applications every month.
  • 21% of Millennials access mobile applications more than 50 times per day

While the above statistics show how usage of mobile apps is increasing. In the next part of this article, we will understand the crucial role mobile apps play in any organization’s digital transformation initiative.

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How does mobile application act as a key catalyst in digital transformation?

Earlier, businesses used to consider mobile applications as an independent entity instead of a key catalyst in digital transformation. However, that was a wrong perception, as a mobile app can accelerate the digital transformation pace and offer numerous benefits to an organization.

Here we would discuss some important aspects and parameters through which mobile apps can drive your digital transformation initiatives :

  • The mobile app acts as a digital face of your organization

Mobile apps not only transform businesses but have unlocked numerous unheard opportunities as well. Mobile app platforms help organizations to stay in sync with their existing and potential customers. Mobile apps behave like a digital face of your organization, that gives the first and foremost experience to your potential users.

As customers are relying more on their smartphones, incorporating mobile applications in your business strategy will help you enhance customer engagement and attain a competitive edge to outclass your competitors.

  • Enhanced customer experience

Businesses always strive hard to improve the customer experience with their digital transformation initiative. You can send personalized messages to your customers via mobile applications. Mobile apps also help organizations to engage with their consumers and help marketers to identify unconventional touchpoints of consumers.

Artificial Intelligence aided Chatbots integrated into mobile applications have revolutionized customer service like never before. It helps organizations to help their customers in real-time, which helps them to enhance company sales, improve visibility, increase customer loyalty, and many more advantages.

  • Usage of enterprise mobility

The most important motive behind investment in enterprise mobility is that it helps organizations to connect their consumers and assist them with different activities anywhere and anytime. The mobile apps developed for enterprises help them improve their efficiency and productivity. Hence, we can say that the role of enterprise mobility is quite crucial from a digital transformation perspective.

  • Brand recognition and awareness

A mobile app acts as the face of your brand, and it is important to have a unique mobile app that complements your brand image and recognition. If your mobile application is different and unique from what your competitors offer, be it in terms of UI/UX, functionality, services, features, and aesthetics, then be assured, your application will garner more downloads and improve brand awareness in the market.

Mobile apps also help organizations to collect customer data, monitor their usage patterns, and make data-driven decisions to offer them personalized products and services.

  • Improvement in operational efficiency
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Mobile apps can certainly help you manage business operations and vendor management. They assist in marketing and sales efforts and ensure staff remains focused on fulfilling the core functions that enhance operational efficiency and improve ROI.

Mobile apps aid the field sales teams as they help them access and update sales data automatically in real-time, which further advances the sales cycle. With mobile applications for workflow and process management, the operational efficiency of an organization could be increased to a great extent.

  • Edging out your competition

Though a greater number of organizations are adopting mobile app platforms to transform their business, still, we have several organizations that don’t have a mobile application for themselves. If you invest in mobile app development, then it will not only help you to outclass your competitors but also help you to grab the attention of your potential customers and enhance your market share.

Mobile apps require comparatively less effort to build, are lightweight, and load way faster than websites and web applications. Mobile applications do offer functions in offline mode, which is not possible with websites and web apps. Mobile apps are easy to access, and they help customers to spend less time accessing important information about the business.

Traditionally, marketing is carried out using conventional mediums such as newspapers, TV commercials, social media, etc. To ensure your advertisement keeps running on these mediums, you will have to pay the publishers a certain amount, the moment you don’t spend money, your advertisement and marketing efforts will be halted.

However, mobile apps have indeed transformed the marketing paradigm completely. You don’t need anything, except application maintenance to keep them functioning flawlessly. You can use push notifications via a mobile application to keep your customers updated with the launch of products, services, and other offers. A mobile app enables a brand and user to connect conveniently and affordably.


A digital transformation is something that most companies cannot refuse to embrace. As technology space is changing and customers are increasingly becoming more aspirational and demanding, every enterprise must move to digital to attain success. Using mobile technology as an initial point for a digital transformation can be the best way to launch your digital footprints.

Mobile apps play a clinical role in digital transformation initiatives rolled out by organizations across all domains and industries. Customers also prefer to have mobile experiences from brands, and they effortlessly embrace mobile solutions, as they make their lives easier too.

Hence, we can say that investing in mobile app development will certainly accelerate your organization’s digital transformation initiative and achieve a real competitive advantage.

Are you looking for a mobile application that can kick off your digital transformation journey? Reach out to us on the following email. Our mobile application development experts can certainly help you achieve unprecedented results, improve your business processes, and deliver exceptional value to your customers.


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