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Outsourcing your projects to offshore development centers overseas could be the right choice with a lot of benefits as you will save operation costs and human resources while still be able to focus on your own business goals and objectives.

A new Asian high tech hub

Vietnam, a new Asian high tech hub, is developing and defining credible potential in the software outsourcing market. As the second-largest partner in Japan’s software outsourcing market just after China, Vietnam is winning over global investment and partnership due to quality resources, competitive cost, and low attrition.

In recent years, the information technology enterprises of Ho Chi Minh City have been very successful in the field of software outsourcing, considered by international friends as “Software Development Hub” in Asia. When you decide to outsource your company’s software development process to software companies in Ho Chi Minh City, finding the right vendor with a dedicated team is still a puzzle, as there are so many companies to choose from. 

Checklist of how to find the dedicated development team in Vietnam

Figure out your business requirements

Come up with a list of your business requirements for the project. Describe the problems in the importance level. Then, put together a detailed document for potential vendors, or go with a formal form of RFP (Request for Proposal). Either way needs to be as concise as possible. Include business problems, business goals, specific requirements, and deadlines.

Evaluate vendors’ credentials and certificates

Look into their backgrounds: How long have they been in business? Are they growing or downsizing? Look for strong capabilities and credibility: Do they have partner certifications relevant to the solutions you are looking to implement? How good is their engineering team? Do they focus on product/solution quality and development?

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Vendor interviews and selection

Conduct preliminary interviews and short-list to three or five strong vendors who will send you their detailed proposals. After getting proposals from your shortlist, you are finally ready to select the vendor to move forward with. If it is difficult to decide due to more than one great vendor, you can keep the other vendor as your Plan B.

Team competency

Make sure they exclusively focus on your project with acceptable execution speed, which, mostly depends on the complexity of the project and their dedication. The availability of resources and the ability to define requirements clearly are also two key dimensions that can affect the speed of execution.  Due to lower direct labor costs, offshore software development companies have greater flexibility in mobilizing resources in advance, and in beginning implementation more quickly than onshore companies.

If the offshore companies can handle communication requirements, overcome language and culture barriers due to the increase in team competency.

While language and cultural barriers can impact the quality of service provided by the offshore development team, this gap can be closed through specialization and quality control. You can get into the habit of being personally involved in the interviewing process. Take the time to see whether the personality of the interviewee will fit your company’s culture. Don’t neglect soft skills, they are as important – as technical abilities.

The ideal team should have a Technical Lead or Project Manager, who monitors your projects to guarantee the quality and meet the deadline. Gain control over the team, ask for OT (Over Time) working of the team if it’s urgent for deadlines.

The team should only on your projects and comply with the policies and project expectations to meet project deadlines in a timely manner.

Easy Communication

Make sure you have the opportunity to adjust the team’s business hours to your time zone because such countries like Vietnam might have a huge different time zone than your country. Find a team that is willing to adjust their time zones to meet your requirements.


Let them understand you and your priorities and ask them to be flexible as you can change requirements, specifications, and other project details when needed.

About InApps Technology

Established in 2016, InApps Technology has grown to be a top software outsourcing company in Vietnam.

We aim to provide world-class software development services using the latest technologies to clients around the world, with a highly experienced team using the latest process.​

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