This is a generation demanding convenience and instant gratification. In the case of the workspace, this is true, too.

Co-living workspace is the future of remote developers.

Co-working lost its popularity to co-living back in 2016. Co-living means working and residing together. This type of environment is essential and useful for many employees. It is estimated that there will be a lot of co-living spaces in the future.

The approach and beginning

In the beginning, let’s think about the experience you want to deliver to your developers. What will they say to others after working in your firm? What will be the feedback?

Let’s see.

Building a coders’ living cum work hub is too much costly and will take a lot of time. I am saying this considering factors like real estate and furniture.

What else then? Rent a dashing AirBnB near an island. The exotic views and the closeness to nature will effectively attract employees to your company and also your growth will see a hike.

The HR should have three mottos:

  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Iteration

Once this becomes a success, you can rent several more co-living workspace. All you have to ensure is impeccable feedback from the employees’ side.

Activities and objectives

The activities inside a co-living workplace should be enthusiastic and rejuvenating. Think of recreational activities such as diving, bungee jumping, or a run to the island. The goal here is to make the employee’s experience memorable and fantastic.

Bunjee Jumping
Illustration of bungee jumping

You can also keep random hackathons and public speeches in between. This way the remote developers will keep updated with their skills.

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The sole mission of a co-living workspace is to provide the employee with a wholesome experience.


The biggest power of a coworking setup is that developers get to work with different developers with different skill sets and teams than their own.

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These are the new people in your life whom you can rely upon when stuck in a coding program in the future. Above all, the working environment is more comfortable and flexible than traditional office rooms.


As I have shared my insights on a co-living workspace, you can now read this article and I hope you understood this article. Anytime, a co-living workspace is a viable option if you want to start the work soon and move quickly with your remote members.

Essentially, this workspace will give the employee an unforgettable and amazing experience. Because the more you keep your employees happy, the better they will work. That is all for now.

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