In a shorter span of time ReactJS has gained spotlight amongst developers and is emerging as the top choice for businesses and brands because of the innumerable benefits it offers. Apparently, ReactJS is strongly associated with successful brands like BBC, Instagram, Netflix, PayPal, and many such popular brands.

According to Similar tech reports, the United States of America is the leading country globally HIRING react developers as compared to other nations like Japan, China, Russia, UK, etc.

React is a component-based library, used to develop interactive User Interface. Presently, it boasts of a strong foundation and community support and is the undisputed king as one of the most popular JavaScript front-end libraries. React is a component-based library which is used to develop interactive UI’s.

React came, saw and conquered because of being a dynamic, adaptable and Robust programming library!!

React was developed by ‘Jordon Walke’ of Facebook in 2011 and released in 2013. Since then, it’s no looking back for React and its enamoring the developers and users with its dynamic User Interface(UI). The winning point of React JS is its simplicity that makes use of single components where the developer can segregate the difficult UI components into individual ones.

React’s Github repository has collected more than 96,000 stars from users and has garnered a strength of approximately 1200 active contributors, regularly pushing the updates to enrich its library. With over 7 million downloads, the library has proven its mettle with technology companies

In this article, we’ll see advantages to hire react developers for better productivity and the best place to hire talented react developer:


Hire React Developers For Your Business Projects For Following Benefits:

Reactjs Developer
  • Amazing front-end Development Experience:
  • Seo Friendly Environment
  • Improved Productivity
  • Better Code Stability
  • Easy To Learn And Adapt
  • Conducive For Start-Ups As Well Established Businesses
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Where can you Find Talented React Developers?

If you are looking for the best React developers for your projects then Codersera is the answer to all your unresolved queries. Hiring top react developers has become even more difficult these days, because of its growing popularity and usability amongst companies of all sizes.

It is a wonderful platform to hire top react developers who are renowned for providing high-end quality software development services to build web and mobile applications.

Go Codersera

Codersera is a global community of the best talent pool of software industry taking great pride in the skills and expertise of their coders, designers, CTOs, PMs and QAs. They envision a future of constant innovations, driven by continuous learning agenda catering to the present market conditions. Today, they are a strong base of 500+ happy clients and 5000+ remote talent.

  • Codersera has been pushing the limits of delivering complex business challenges by providing innovative technical expert solutions and redefining the operational standards.
  • Codersera specializes in outsourcing dedicated software development teams for various project needs of any sizes as they have developers of many skill levels, who can deliver difficult react projects in time.
  • Also, their 1-week risk-free policy is another feather in the cap, where they provide a 1-week risk-free trial absolutely free of cost. The trial phase is for thoroughly testing the given features so that the clients get to make an informed, educated decision.

Additionally, their 24/7 dedicated team of highly skilled technocrats, hired through a 5-tier rigorous screening procedure assures a quality product delivery.

Overall it is a great platform, quite superior in terms of professionalism, technical knowledge, work ethics, passion and dedication for their taken projects.

Why Codersera

1. 5-Tier Screening Process

Codersera deploys the best talent in technology through a rigorous 5-tier screening that assures quality products delivered absolutely hassle-free and only 1% of candidates are able to clear this.

1.1. Resume filtering
2.2. Video Interview
3.3. Coding Test
4.4. Live screening
5.4. Test Project

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Resume Filtering

The resume goes through the filtering process on various parameters which only 25% get through. And the candidates are tested for:
– Enough experience for the position
– Passion for technology

Video Interview

The candidate goes through a personality review round on the video interview platforms and is evaluated on their communication skills and knowledge about the domain subject. Only 10% of candidates are able to clear this round ensuring top quality suitable candidates selected for your projects.

Coding test

After clarifying the personality round, the candidate is sent the online coding questionnaire, which they are supposed to solve within a fix time slot of 90 minutes. This filters them on problem-solving abilities and analytic skills and only 4% of candidates are able to get past this round of exhaustive technical scrutiny.

Live Screening
This round is quite similar to the previous round, except the only difference is that a live Codersera expert is there to judge and assist you while you are solving the problem, and only 2% of candidates get past this round successfully.

During this stage the candidates are again tested on:
– Technical Skills
– Soft skills (Communication, English level, Teamwork)
Test Project

During this final and the most crucial round, the chosen candidates are sent a project that is quite similar to the real-life projects which they are supposed to finish in 1-2 weeks of given time.

Generally, this requires to build a full-stack application similar to real-time client requirements and only 1% of candidates are able to come out a winner in this.

2. 1-Week Risk-Free Trial Policy

Also, they provide a zero-risk platform with a one-week free trial period that ensures top quality end product delivered through transparent evaluation procedure, specially curated to meet client’s requirements and suitability. Working with their creatively advanced design thinking provides innovative technical assistance to solve all types of complex business challenges.

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3. Fast-end Delivery

Codersera is committed to fast end delivery to match their expertise and do justice to industry standards through passion, education, skills and ethical values for work.

How a Company Hire ReactJS Developers from Codersera:

hire react developer

Codersera has a simple and easy procedure for its esteemed clients that comes with an added advantage of 1-week risk-free policy too:

  • First of all, the client/ company share their project requirement on Codersera’s website.
  • Codersera project evaluation department analyzes the project requirements and completion dates thoroughly in detail and if found feasible, allots a developer matching that domain.
  • Before the beginning of the risk-free trial period of 1-week, the client is made to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) and you are all set to a hassle-free smooth experience of your project development.


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